December 13, 2022


Why was the project idle for so long?
Our original artist had a bad case of Covid. It took time but we found an additional professional artist. The team hasn’t sold our tokens and we’ll be using them to reward all of those that were early supporters. Also, we’ve been waiting for the XRPLCoins maketplace to launch and make sure that it’s working effectively.

What NFT Marketplace can I mint NFTs on?
We will doing multiple NFT drops. Therefore it is possible to use multiple marketplaces to reach a broader audience. We are long-time supporters of the XRPLCoins project so it is likely we will do our first NFT drop with them.

How much will it cost to mint?
We have decided instead of 5000 NFTs at 1 XMZ per mint, we are going to create 500 NFTs at 10 XMZ per mint. To make up for this difference we are airdropping up to 10x to the community.

Is the project verified on XRPLCoins?

Will there be a rarity check tool used for the NFT?
There will only be 500 total NFTs that are handcrafted and unique artwork, so they will all be rare. There will also be Gold and Diamond NFTs which could be considered super and ultra rare. Approximately 2% of the supply will be Diamond and 10% Gold.

What will the use case be for the BMZ token?
Once all the XMZ tokens has been burnt, BMZ will be our reward token used in projects and as rewards for holders.

How can I buy the XMZ or BMZ token?

First add the XMZ token Trustline here
After adding the trustline you will be able to purchase the XMZ token here

First add the BMZ token Trustline here

After adding the trustline you will be able to purchase the BMZ token here

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